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Luxury Real Estate Broker and Interior Designer, Arrik Weathers, has traveled the world and experienced the things that only dreams are made of. Professionally, he has represented clients on the purchase and sale of luxury residences in some of the most prestigious neighborhoods as well as every other price point.  He specializes in proven stragtegies that get homes sold for the highest amount possible and homes purtchased at the best possible price.

After touring the homes that Arrik flipped and designed, clients began requesting his interior design advice. As a result, he started an interior design service offer 5 years ago. His rich history in selling luxury homes and the vast resources he acquired in flipping has made him and expert in delivering a high level of style at a fraction of the cost to his clients.

Arrik says that “Some people have a vision of what their dream home is, but most people don’t know how to facilitate it or they think that they cant afford it. If my clients trust me, I can use me negotiation skills to get their home for the lowest price possible and help them renovate it without breaking the bank. I work with a spectrum of clients from the first time home buyer, to a client that owns the only private island off of the coast of California. I’m currently designing that property and listing it for sale. Everyone deserves to live a luxurious lifestyle no matter what level their on.”

“My intention is to help people envision the life that they could have and live in the home they should have. It’s more than just creating a beautiful home. An elevated home can inspire and elevated life. I love what I do and enjoy helping people live their dreams through real estate at every price point wherever they are!”

With a single phone call, clients can enjoy the benefit of maintaining a high-level of service across their entire portfolio. This gives clients the luxury of not stressing with multiple unfamiliar agents in the handling of some of their most valuable assets. With that one call, their real estate needs can be satisfied no matter where the property is located on the globe!  Additionally, providing the key qualities of honesty, integrity, truth and discretion to every client is paramount for Arrik.

His clients include some of the biggest names in Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Media and many other industries.  Though he has worked on some very high valued transactions, he treats clients of all price ranges with the same level of care and detail.  Arrik  get a great deal of satisfaction in helping others achieve their dreams in real estate wherever they are!

Arrik has traveled extensively but has lived in California since the age of 7.  He is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Management; holds a Real Estate Brokers license, and has personally bought, renovated & sold properties for profit for numerous years.  He enjoys spending his free time traveling, spending time with family & friends, hiking, and loves to sing!

A portion of the income generated is donated to charities that assist children in need.